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  • Lights Out Old Time Radio Show App - iphone1
  • Lights Out Old Time Radio Show App - iphone1

This App allow you to stream 86 episodes of the old time radio’s most famous program of the weird and the supernatural, Lights Out.

Lights Out debuted in 1934 and was radio’s premier horror series created by writer/director Wyllis Cooper, who later scripted Boris Karloff’s 1939 classic Son of Frankenstein. Wyllis Cooper was a innovative radio writer and worked on other notable shows such as The Empire Builders, Quiet Please, Campbell’s Playhouse, The Army Hour, and Whitehall 1212. Lights Out truly set the bar high for other radio dramas in the 1930’s due to its gore and strangeness. It was one of the first old time radio shows that developed the medium of radio with distinct sound effects and dramas intended to be heard.

Adhesive tape, stuck together and pulled apart, simulated the sound of a man’s or woman’s skin being ripped off. Pulling the leg off a frozen chicken gave the illusion of an arm being torn out of its socket. A raw egg dropped on a plate stood in for an eye being gouged; poured corn syrup for flowing blood; cleavered cabbages and cantalopes for beheadings; snapped pencils and spareribs for broken fingers and bones. The sound of a hand crushed? A lemon, laid on an anvil, smashed with a hammer.

Cooper was succeeded by Arch Oboler, one of radio’s greatest dramatic talents. Oboler had scripted the Mae West’s infamous “Garden of Eden” sketch and brought a new level of psychological horror to radio in scripts like “Cat Wife,” “Sub-Basement,” and “Chicken Heart.” Though most famous for his film roles, Karloff was an accomplished radio performer who hosted his own series Boris Karloff’s Treasure Chest and narrated Radio Reader’s Digest broadcasts during the final two decades of his life.


Brilliant old time classics! – I am a fan of creepy old radio plays and these are a generous and high quality slice and selection of 30’s and 40’s horror radio. The stories are mixed and entertaining and a refreshing escape from tv! I have nothing bad to say about these bygone tales and only wish there were more!!



Luv this app – I have always enjoyed listening to old time radio shows and this app lets me listen to them anywhere and anytime.

Bee Dazzled


Awesome – This is the best app. I’ve been looking for this for a long time. I love lights out its my favorite radio show. Thank you for such a great app

neal barnes


Brilliant !!!! ★★★★★ – THIS APP IS BY FAR MY FAVORITE !! I download single episodes of lights out all the time !!! & now 100 episodes in one place ..I listen to these every night while I’m falling asleep & sometimes find myself stayin up to listening or being so scared I can’t sleep & i love it !!! Thanks for this app!!!



Lights out ★★★★★ – This app is great. If your snuggled in an looking for a good story, this is it ! Thank you so much this app ! I also love there is so many stories to choose from. Thanks again



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  • App Version: 1.3
  • Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Updated: October 8, 2013
  • Latest Update:
    1. New User Interface.
    2. Addition of 1 Hour Sleep Timer to the player.
    3. Bigger and easier to use Play/Pause/Stop Buttons