To Our Lucky Customers

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Thanks for participating by commenting on our blog. We are a bit disappointed that only few people did participate. Nonetheless, we are thankful for all those who did. Since there were only 6 customers who commented, you will each get the $10 Amazon gift certicate from us.

Here are the names of the winning customers:

  1. Ed Reber
  2. Brian Evans
  3. Dan M.
  4. Templeton Moss
  5. Ed Fite
  6. Royce Redelsperger


  1. Douglas Shonk

    Hello. Love your app. Listening to “LIGHTS OUT”. I will be buying the Horror and Suspence segments 3JAN2014. Love “OTR”. Thank You. “HAPPY NEW YEAR”. Douglas (OHIO).

  2. Michael Schwartz

    I travel overseas quite a bit. Is there someway that I can download before I leave for a trip because I will not have access to streaming. Can someone please address this and send the answer to

    • Marisa

      Sorry, we still do not have that option available.

  3. David

    I love your app. please update so my wife and I can continue to enjoy listening to this great program. It is timeless.
    Thank you!

  4. David

    Will your Suspense application and other OTR be updated to comply with iOS 10.2? If not they will not okay on iOS after July 2017.

  5. David izenman

    I bought the series for my iphone. I love its style and I listen in the car while driving to work. I also bought all of the Our Miss Brooks collections which are great to

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